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What type of person decides to own a company dedicated to dog sitting ? Dawn is a woman passionate about pups! She has been a life long lover of animals and particularly enjoys playing with and caring for dogs. Her love of dogs grew into a full time professional pet-sitting business. Dawn’s Team enjoys the company of dogs who need a safe and friendly environment while their owners are at work or on vacation. Dawn provides a safe, loving and stimulating environment for your pet. Each guest is within the visual range of Team Dawn at all times, reducing anxiety.

The environment at Dawn’s Lucky Dogs is loving and nurturing, and all who enter are impressed by the love and care each member of the Team shares with their guests. At Dawn’s your pet will never be stressed out due to neglect, loneliness, or anxiety. At night, all dogs are within visual range so they are never left alone overnight.

We begin with a complimentary ‘meet and greet’. This gives Dawn a chance to review your pet’s daily routine and break the ice. If you know your dates we can check our availability, we will have the client sign the release form and leave a deposit. When the time comes for drop off, you and your pet will be comfortable with the arrangement and totally relaxed. Dawn makes you and your pet feel at home. Call Dawn’s Lucky Dogs today – you will not be disappointed!

Dawn’s yard is an acre of lawn bordered by cedar stockade fencing, a natural repellent for ticks. Pet playtime is part of the routine care received by each pet. This is Dawn’s full-time job, and playtime is enjoyed by all at no extra charge!

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